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Shop classical looking outdoor furniture on our website, but this time you don’t have to maintain it!

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What makes outdoor furniture “classic”?

You may use other words for it, such as traditional or old fashioned, but classic garden furniture simply means classically styled, usually emulating the old wooden style of furniture, with vertical or horizontal slats using slotting joints.

Why did classic garden furniture go out of fashion?

There was a big problem with classic wooden furniture and other styles, in that they constantly needed maintenance. With a wooden garden bench for example, you would have to oil it every 3 months to prevent it from cracking or becoming grey and horrible.

This meant they became a chore to own, or you sacrificed the look and strength of the garden chair.

With the introduction of modern weatherproof materials, you can now get the classic look of that furniture without having to oil it, making it the best of both. The material is called Winawood, and it’s made of a composite style of furniture that compresses plastics to give the appearance and feel of wood.

Another type of modern outdoor furniture is rattan, which is a plastic resin weave that can be used both outside and indoors in your conservatory or sunroom.

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