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Rattan Garden Furniture

Weatherproof, comfortable patio sets with cushions included. Shop the full range below.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

Synthetic Rattan is UV Stabilized with an Aluminium Furniture Frame

All of our rattan garden furniture comes with aluminium frames to stop rust, and UV stabilized synthetic wicker that won't fade, rot or go brittle.

We stock a wide range of rattan furniture online, including:

Our range is available to purchase online, with UK home delivery available nationwide. You can always contact us for more information about our range on 01455 274748, or ask a question.

What is rattan?

Rattan, also known as synthetic wicker, is a modern style of furniture that uses hand woven plastic threads of material to emulate the more traditional style of natural rattan, which used to be used in conservatories during the 20th century. It is sometimes called rattan-effect furniture, plastic rattan, or plastic wicker.

What types of rattan are available?

You will find a range of different quality rattan available in the United Kingdom, and this is usually reflected by the price of the furniture. The cheaper the set, the cheaper the materials usually are, and so for a set that you want to last you should look to spend slightly more money.

What is Plastic Rattan Garden Furniture?

Plastic rattan simply refers to the material often used in modern synthetic rattan furniture. It uses plastics because these are easiest to treat with UV protection (upvc compared to pvc) and to be flexible enough to weave into comfortable chairs.

This differs from cheaper alternatives, which can often use a solid plastic shell that is not comfortable and can crack easily. The frame of the furniture itself isn't plastic however, and will always be aluminium if it's weatherproof.

What makes luxury rattan weatherproof?

Weatherproof rattan is made from synthetic threads that have first been UV stabilized, which is a treatment to prevent the sun from damaging the material when it's left outside.

It also requires that the furniture frame is made from a rust proof material, such as aluminium, to allow it to be left outside in the rain and ice without it degrading.

Will my rattan furniture become damaged if left outside?

No your rattan is fine left outside, because the outer material is UV protected plastic that won't rot or fade, and the frame underneath is made from aluminium that won't rust (and so can be left out in the rain and snow). If you ever have any problems with this then simply contact us.

Can I buy replacement cushions for my furniture?

Yes in some instances we do have spare cushions that we can sell to you as replacements. Simply contact us via phone or email to find out if you're eligible.

Can rattan be used on the patio?

Yes the majority of our customers use their rattan furniture on their patio, which can be large or small. You should try and match the shape of your set to the shape of your patio area, such as a round dining set on a round patio. Also make sure that people still have plenty of room to move around your set of furniture without having to push into plant pots or walking on the lawn.

Can rattan be used on the decking?

Yes the hard feet of rattan furniture are fine to be used on your decking, just so long as the gaps between the pieces of decking aren't larger than the feet width. You should try not to seat people too close to the steps to ensure no accidents occur after a long evening of enjoying bbq food and wine!

Can rattan be used on a garden lawn?

Rattan furniture can be used on your lawn, however in some cases the feet may end up puncturing the lawn, creating holes and upsetting your guests. This being the case it may be best avoided during periods of wet weather.

Can rattan be used on a balcony?

Yes we have many customers who use our rattan chairs on their balcony area, and they make a wonderfully comfortable place to relax and get away from the busy life of the city.

Just make sure the width of the chair still allows you to walk onto your balcony without climbing over the railings!

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