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Our New Corner Rattan Sofa Set with Cushion Storage for 2016!

Rattan Corner Sofa Set New!

Corner Storage!

No more time will be spent struggling to stuff cushions into an already full garage!

The corner section of this sofa has plenty of space for the cushions to fit in, sealed by a waterproof fabric, zipped up tight with ease.

3 Colours Available

If the combination of light grey and teal isn’t your thing (it isn’t the most conventional combo!), then we have two other colour variations for you to choose from.

They are dark brown rattan + orange cushions, or grey rattan + mushroom cushions.

Available to buy online

These sets aren’t just for our lucky garden centre customers, you can actually have them delivered to your home!

And unlike most furniture sellers, who will tend to dump your furniture on your drive, on day you didn’t choose, whether you like it or not (!!), we will let you choose the perfect delivery data to suit your schedule, giving you the perfect hassle free buying experience you always dreamt was possible!

  • Matt
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