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This very modern style of outdoor furniture is perfect for the patio, and requires no maintenance. It emulates the traditional hand woven rattan style, whilst using modern uPVC plastics to ensure it doesn’t fade, rot, or go brittle.

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This is also known as synthetic rattan patio furniture.

Plastic resin wicker

About The Resin Wicker Material

Learn more about this outdoor furniture material below.

What is resin wicker?

Resin wicker, also known as synthetic rattan furniture, is made from either UV stabilized polyethylene or uPVC. It is designed to look and feel like the old style of rattan furniture, whilst using modern materials that make it weatherproof. It is often used in patio chairs, bistro sets, dining sets and lounge sets.

It has become very popular over the last 10 years in the United Kingdom, with customers enjoying the comfort it brings, along with the durability.

How long does resin wicker last?

Plastic wicker furniture is very durable, designed to be left outside all year round. Whilst longevity varies, our customers have found that these sets last 8+ years in the garden. This is mainly due to the quality of materials used, with UV stabilized plastic rattan strands that don’t fade or rot, and a strong aluminium frame that doesn’t rust.

Winter care for resin wicker

To ensure your polyethylene wicker furniture is fine during the winter, you simply have to do nothing! That’s because it’s designed to survive in all weathers.

We recommend you store your cushions as they aren’t weatherproof, and you could always store the glass table top if you’re worried about any large items smashing it.

Learn more about winter care here , and here.

Can you buy it by the roll?

Yes it is not possible to buy hand woven synthetic wicker by the roll. This can be great for creating rattan garden screens or separating walls. The best provider of resin wicker rolls we have seen online is Primrose.

Resin wicker vs traditional rattan

The new style of plastic rattan or resin wicker is much better than traditional rattan furniture. The old style used to become very dry, creak when you sat on it, and be prone to discolouring and racking. It also didn’t work well outdoors.

This compared with the new weatherproof rattan materials is an easy decision, as you get a much more flexible furniture set for your money.

Resin wicker repair kits

We don’t sell resin wicker repair kits, however it is possible to repair your rattan furniture. Learn more about that here.

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