Quality of Rattan Furniture & Selection of Wicker

The care we take when choosing our rattan / synthetic wicker for the UK is one of the reasons we are among the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on carefully hand selecting the lines of furniture we stock, based on years of maticulous research, and our experience of what customers enjoy from our stores.

We stock a new range of reclining rattan garden furniture, which lets you relax at your leisure, to whatever angle suits you best!

Aluminium Frame

Our rattan furniture always has an aluminium frame, no matter which type you choose. It's one of the most important aspects to check when buying quality garden furniture online, because it means that the frame will not rust or become weak when left outside, meaning you don't have to cover or maintain your furniture. You don't even have to store it during the harshest of winters!

UV Stabilised Rattan

This is another very important aspect of our furniture, which means that the handwoven synethetic wicker effect weave, will not fade or go brittle in the sun (UV rays). Unlike cheaper alternatives which will dry out, fade, and break (sometimes when you're sitting on them!), our rattan will cushion you gently, and keep you there for years to come. This makes our rattan weatherproof, meaning you don't need a cover!

Our rattan furniture comes in a range of sets, including our rattan dining sets here.