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All Weather Garden Furniture

Leave these weatherproof garden chairs and patio sets outdoors all year round.

No cover. No maintenance. No problems. Shop the full range below.

FAQ's - All Weather Furniture

What makes rattan furniture weatherproof?

Our synthetic rattan furniture is treated with a UV stabilizer, which prevents rotting or fading. It is then hand woven around an aluminium frame, which will not rust.

What makes Winawood furniture weatherproof?

Winawood is wood-effect, made from a composite of plastics that are compressed to form a grain like material. This means it will not rot or warp like wood, and so is much more durable when left outside.

What is the best garden furniture to leave outside?

The best garden furniture to leave outside is weatherproof rattan, because it is both rust-proof and UV stabilized. The next best would be Winawood composite furniture, which will not warp or rot.

How weatherproof is rattan garden furniture?

If the rattan is UV stabilized and has an aluminium frame then it is very weatherproof, and will last many years outside without a cover.

How to weatherproof your own furniture for outdoors?

You can weatherproof your own wooden furniture for outdoors by using teak oil. This must be applied to a wiped and sanded down piece of wooden furniture, and rubbed into all of the joints and surfaces. This must be repeated every 3 months, and provides a weather-resistant coat as opposed to weatherproof, and so it will end up warping and rotting eventually.

Can you waterproof wicker furniture?

If your wicker furniture isn't already waterproof then you can apply varnish to the furniture to add a waterproof coating to it.

Can you waterproof teak furniture?

You can waterproof teak furniture by wiping and sanding down the surfaces of it, then rubbing teak oil into it. This will temporarily protect the wood from water damage, however over time the joints will still end up warping.

Do you stock Waterproof furniture covers?

Yes we stock a range of waterproof furniture covers for our rattan furniture, simply visit the appropriate product to view it.

How to remove stains from weatherproof furniture?

If you have stained your weatherproof furniture and you wish to remove it, then there are a few things you can do. If it is composite Winawood furniture, then you can sand down the material to reveal a fresh layer underneath. If it is weatherproof rattan furniture, then you can use a layer of paint to cover the stain, making sure to match the colour accurately (this may sometimes require mixing paints together).

Weatherproof Furniture

Weatherproof Furniture

Choosing all weather will save you one less chore in your garden this year, with a set of furniture built to last, that doesn't require a cover, and can be left outside all year round. We stock a range of resin wicker furniture that's ideal for outdoor on the decking or indoor in your conservatory. We have a range of loungers and deep seat or corner sofa sets, ideal for both a patio area or a balcony.

We have modular rattan furniture, as well as day beds, and rattan armchair, maintenance free / no maintenance. 

We also have a more retro / classic style of furniture called Winawood, available in contemporary garden benches, loveseats and other sets. We also have a range of blog posts to help you get garden furniture ideas.

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