Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Leave these garden chairs and patio sets outdoors all year round. No cover. No maintenance. No problems.

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  • Over 10+ years selling this furniture in our garden centre.
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FAQ's on Weatherproof Furniture:
What does all weather mean?

What does all weather mean?

Whether or not your garden furniture is resistant to all weathers it dependent on the material it's made from. For example, the difference between steel and aluminium. Aluminium doesn't rust, and therefore is the material we use in all of our rattan furniture. However many cheaper companies, particularly supermarkets (Asda, Tesco) or chain stores (B&Q, Homebase), often use steel as a cheap replacement, meaning their furniture will end up rusting and falling apart.


Why choose it?

It's better to spend the money on premium quality, and not have to worry about falling through some rusty furniture in 6 months time!

Which types do you stock online?

We also stock a range of Winawood™, which has been especially manufactured to look and feel like wood, but carry all of the properties of a man made product. It doesn't rot, warp or go brittle due to the weather, and will last for many years, partly why it has a 2 year guarantee included as standard. Choosing Waterproof is perfect for the harsh British weather!

If you have any questions about our range, please feel free to contact us, we are available 7 days a week by phone or email.


What makes Rattan all weather? (click / tap to reveal)

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

all weather rattan

Our synthetic rattan weave is UV stabilised, giving it many benefits:

  • Will not fade
  • Will not rust
  • Will not rot

This premium quality product comes in a range of chairs, sofas and sets.

Rattan - our hand woven synthetic rattan is first treated with a UV stabilizer, which ensures it will not rot or fade when left outside.

It's wrapped around a strong aluminium frame, which will not rust.

What makes rattan all weather?

This wicker is made with UV stabilisers, which creates a barrier to the suns UV rays, to prevent the woven rattan from rotting, fading or warping when left outside for long periods. This means you can leave it outside without worrying!

What types of rattan do you stock?

We have a range of rattan chairs, rattan sofas, and rattan dining sets available, allowing you to leave them outside all year round. You simply need to store the cushions indoors to avoid them getting dirty or wet. They can be cleaned using a jet washer, which helps remove any dust or dirt between the hand woven threads.

You can also checkout our reclining rattan garden furniture, including our reclining chairs.

Our garden furniture is also suitable for commercial environments.

What makes wood-effect / Winawood all weather? (click / tap to reveal)

Weatherproof Composite Winawood Garden Furniture

Winawood - a new wood-effect style of composite furniture.

Although it looks and feels natural, it's actually a man made polymer, which will not warp, rot or go brittle when left outside.

The best alternative to wooden furniture.

No maintenance required! No need to teak oil it, no need to cover it, simply leave it outside all year round.

What types of Winawood do you stock?

Winawood comes in a range of styles and colours, including:

  • Dining Sets
  • Garden Benches
  • Arm Chairs
  • Coffee Tables
  • Bistro Sets
  • Love Seats

These can be purchased online, with UK delivery available for almost all products. We stock the largest colour selection in England, including brown, grey, teak, duck egg green, blue, and white.

Other FAQ's

What is the best garden furniture to leave outside?

The best garden furniture to leave outside is weatherproof rattan, because it is both rust-proof and UV stabilized. The next best would be Winawood composite furniture, which will not warp or rot.

How weatherproof is rattan garden furniture?

If the rattan is UV stabilized and has an aluminium frame then it is very weatherproof, and will last many years outside without a cover.

How to weatherproof your own furniture for outdoors?

You can weatherproof your own wooden furniture for outdoors by using teak oil. This must be applied to a wiped and sanded down piece of wooden furniture, and rubbed into all of the joints and surfaces. This must be repeated every 3 months, and provides a weather-resistant coat as opposed to weatherproof, and so it will end up warping and rotting eventually.

Can you waterproof wicker furniture?

If your wicker furniture isn't already waterproof then you can apply varnish to the furniture to add a waterproof coating to it.

Can you waterproof teak furniture?

You can waterproof teak furniture by wiping and sanding down the surfaces of it, then rubbing teak oil into it. This will temporarily protect the wood from water damage, however over time the joints will still end up warping.

Do you stock Waterproof furniture covers?

Yes we stock a range of waterproof furniture covers for our rattan furniture, simply visit the appropriate product to view it.

How to remove stains from weatherproof furniture?

If you have stained your weatherproof furniture and you wish to remove it, then there are a few things you can do. If it is composite Winawood furniture, then you can sand down the material to reveal a fresh layer underneath. If it is weatherproof rattan furniture, then you can use a layer of paint to cover the stain, making sure to match the colour accurately (this may sometimes require mixing paints together).

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Rattan Lounge Set 24 Out Of Stock
Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Choosing all weather will save you one less chore in your garden this year, with a set of furniture built to last, that doesn't require a cover, and can be left outside all year round. We stock a range of resin wicker furniture that's ideal for outdoor on the decking or indoor in your conservatory. We have a range of loungers and deep seat or corner sofa sets, ideal for both a patio area or a balcony.

We have modular rattan furniture, as well as day beds, and rattan armchair, maintenance free / no maintenance. 

We also have a more retro / classic style of furniture called Winawood, available in contemporary garden benches, loveseats and other sets. We also have a range of blog posts to help you get garden furniture ideas. You can also browse our range of garden benches online here.

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