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Garden Dining Sets

Garden Dining Sets

Enjoy a luxury dining experience, with our range of garden dining sets, ideal for entertaining you family or friends this summer at that seasonal BBQ. We've got a range of dining sets, including both rattan dining sets and Winawood dining sets. We also stock round, rectangular, square, and oval tables, and have a range of reclining dining sets for you to choose.

All cushions are included, and UK home delivery is available (see individual items for more info).

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Rattan Garden Dining Sets

If you're interested in rattan or synthetic wicker furniture, then you probably know some of the benefits, which include it being weatherproof, able to be left outside all year round without a cover.

This is because the frames are made from aluminium, creating a strong and rust-proof material that won't degrade in the wind, rain and ice. The hand woven rattan is also UV stabilized, which stops it degrading in the sun, keeping the colour consistent and preventing it becoming brittle. You can find rattan dining sets in a range of colours, shapes and styles, all for sale online and available with UK delivery.

> Shop our rattan dining sets here.

Rattan is better for sets

What are the best materials for your garden set?

Why Not to Choose Metal, Wooden, or Plastic Dining Sets?

The thing is, when you choose these cheaper materials for your garden set, such as low grade plastic, hardwoood, or steel, the quality drastically deteriorates, resulting in a set that will not last you more than a few seasons before becoming faded, damaged, or even not fit for purpose.

Steel dining sets tend to rust, becoming unsightly and weakened at the joints, often falling apart while you're trying to sit on them. Wooden sets tend to rot, warp, and become damaged due to water getting inside the joints, expanding and compromising the structure. Wood also requires you to oil it every few months to avoid the grey fading effect that inevitably comes. Plastic dining sets tend to fade if they're low quality, and they definitely look cheap, not what you want when entertaining family and friends. We believe this is true for our garden sofa sets, and our garden bistro sets too.

Weatherproof Garden Dining Sets

One of the best qualities of the garden dining sets we sell online are that they're 100% weatherproof. This means you can leave them outside all year round without the need to cover, oil, or maintain the set in any way! This will save you lots of time and money over the lifetime of your furniture set, helping you spend that on things you enjoy, not maintaining something you already have!

You can browse all of our all weather garden furniture here.

Also see our garden dining sets pdf here.

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