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There are many reasons to choose a modern, contemporary style of furniture for your conservatory this year.

You can revamp a tired looking space with a new colour, or turn an uncomfortable area into a place where you don’t ever want to leave.

Combined with the right decor, choosing a new set of convervatory furniture can really change the way you use your space, and bring the whole family together.

It’s also great for entertaining, with a flexible modular furniture set allowing guests to move chairs about at their own leisure.

There are even some adjustable dining sets with independent modules available, where you can have a more traditional setup for a meal, and convert it into a more relaxed atmosphere once the meal is over, with a table that can adjust to 3 different heights.

Why Choose Rattan?

There are many benefits to a rattan conservatory set that you won’t get with other materials, including:

  • Hand woven, natural give – the individual strands of rattan are hand woven over the frames which results in a natural give in the chairs, making them very forgiving to sit on.
  • Colour variations – because this is a synthetic material you will find the colour choices are very broad and will match your decor.
  • Multi use – these sets are also appropriate for the garden, should you want to use them outside in good weather.
  • Light weight – because they are made from aluminium, you can easily move the chairs around if you need to change the layout of your room or simply do some cleaning.

You can read more about rattan furniture on our FAQ page here.

Or you can browse our full range of rattan furniture online here.

Top 3 Contemporary Sets for 2018

So here we’ve got our recommended conservatory sets for this year, with a range of smaller and larger sets to suit relaxing and dining accordingly.

1. Latte Rocking and Reclining Bistro Set

The added bonus of these chairs rocking makes this a truly wonderful set to enjoy, with the high reclining baked chairs offering comfort long into an evening of relaxation.

Click here to browse it online now.

2. 4 Seater Adjustable Reclining Dining Set

This set is the ultimate in contemporary function, with the option to raise the table for formal dining and then drop it down for casual occasions. This flexibility isn’t found in any other set.

Click here to browse it online.

3. Reclining 4 Seater Sofa Set

This is ideal for a large relaxing space for family and friends, with the sofa sides reclining independently so everyone can find their perfect space.

Click here to browse it online now.

To browse all of our indoor and outdoor furniture you can go to our online store here.

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