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Reclaimed garden furniture is simply garden furniture that has been created from materials used for other things, for example using old sewing machiners to create an outdoor table.

There are several popular types of reclaimed garden furniture, which we will go into below.

Reclaimed wooden furniture bench

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is processed wood that was previously used for something else, for example old buildings, cabinets, etc. It is often used as a decorative feature in a home, for example panelling, cabinets, tables, and outdoor furniture.

You can buy reclaimed wood furniture online here.

Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak furniture is often thought of as antique furniture, with reclaimed teak benches being the most popular product.

It’s more environmentally friendly than having to cut down more trees, which has caused mass deforestation in the past.

Reclaimed teak is also used in dining table and chair sets, and in steamer chairs.

You can buy reclaimed teak furniture online here.

Reclaimed Cast Aluminium

Cast aluminium furniture requires very little maintenance because it doesn’t rust, and so using reclaimed cast aluminium makes sense because it doesn’t degrade in a landfill, and so recycling is the best way.

It allows you to have a traditional looking, heavy duty aluminium dining set that doesn’t need maintenance.

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