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You may have seen a new type of furniture appearing in your family or friends gardens over the last few years, particularly a material that appears to be natural, but is actually a man made product.

Well it’s called Composite Garden Furniture, and it has revolutionised the way you think about outdoor furniture, with the combination of a natural grain effect that looks and feels natural, and a durability and longevity of a man made plastic material.

Our recommended brand of composite furniture is Winawood, and you can find more information about it here-> Winawood page

It’s made from compressed plastics and polystyrenes, to create a polymer that runs evenly throughout the material. This both makes it durable and easy keep in a good condition, as stains can be sanded away to reveal the fresh colour underneath.

You can browse our best selling outdoor benches here.

We stock a range of composite furniture to be purchased online, including:

You can view our full range of garden furniture here, or see more about the Winawood Sandwick range here.

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