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Our Recommended Furniture Sets 2017

You may have already browsed our garden furniture but struggled to find the exact set that fitted your homes needs. Well don't worry, as you can see our recommended sets below for different situations, that might help you make your decision today.

Check this article if you want to avoid making mistakes when buying your furniture set.

Our recommended outdoor sets for 2017

Sets for Smaller Gardens

So you might only have a small patio or a balcony to have you set live. No problem, you will definitely like a bistro set (2 seater small set), that gives you 2 chairs and a table, but takes up the minimum amount of room in your outdoor space, helping you make the best use of the limited area you have.

Sets for Larger Gardens

So you've got a nice big space to work with, where a smaller set of furniture might look lost amongst the other garden structures and features. For this we would suggest a large dining set or garden sofa set, something between 6 and 8 seats would be perfect, to help fill out the space and have plenty of room for entertaining guest. As our sets are weatherproof, you won't have to worry about lugging the thing indoors, or fiddling around with an annoying cover, you can simply leave it where it lives.

Sets for Round Patios

So if you've got a traditional round patio set, you will probably want a dining set that's shaped the same way, giving you a nice place to enjoy a family BBQ, with plenty of space to fit some friends in if they also want to join in! We stock a range of round dining sets on our website, and you can find them by clicking here.