The Difference Between Weather Resistant and All Weather

There is often a confusion when people are purchasing furniture online, and that is that all weather garden furniture is the same as weather resistant furniture, when this simply isn't the case. You can also see our top picks of all weather sets for 2017 here.

Furniture set

The fact is that if you compared a cheap furniture set that's labelled "weather resistant", such as the sort you'll find at B&Q or Tesco, you simply won't get the life expected of the furniture, it will rot, break and fade.

That is why choosing a quality provider of furniture is so important. For example our rattan is UV stabilised, which means it will not fade or break down in the sun, does your furniture give that gurantee?

Winawood bench

And our Winawood furniture is also a fantastic mix of real effect and man made durability. This compressed polystyrene really gives you the best of both. We have received some excellent feedback from this type of furniture, after stocking it for over 3 years. It really is the perfect option for those looking to add a time saving option, while keeping that traditional style and authentic feel of wood.