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New Winawood™ Benches

We have had a new shipment of Winawood™ benches during October in our garden centre, and these included some fantastic new arrivals that we have never had in stock before!

Winawood™ Thin Slatted Garden Love Seats / Jack and Jill Benches

These stylish love seats are now only £329, and are available in all 3 popular Winawood™ bench colours.  They combine the solid Winawood™ material with the stylish elegant design of the thin slatted Sandwick bench.

Shop our full range of benches online here.

You can buy them online here: Winawood™ Thin Slatted Love Seat Benches –

Winawood™ Heavy Duty Picnic Benches

Winawood™ picnic benches are a great heavy duty option for a public area, or for a convenient place to eat in your garden.  They start at only £499, and come in the full range of Winawood™ colours!


Wianwood™ garden furniture is a really great way to save yourself time and money on your garden maintenance. It can be left outside, uncovered, all year round, and will not be damaged by rain, wind, snow, or icy conditions, which means you can spend your time doing things that matter. You do not need to spend hours treating this furniture, nor do you have to buy an expensive cover, or find a place to store it during the winter. It really is a smart investment in your home, and you should definitely choose it over a traditional hardwood bench, which would barely last 2 years without constant maintenance. You should be sceptical, but these benches come with a 3 year guarantee, so even if you are sceptical now, you have three years to try it out just in case!

You can buy the full range of Winawood™ garden benches online here.

Or, for more information on the Winawood™ bench material, click here.

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