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When you’re looking for garden furniture, especially online, you need to be able to verify that the material and quality of build before you buy. But this can be difficult, with large stores that only have the generic information available.

A real business has both online and real shop fronts.

The main questions you should be looking for in a product page will depend on the type of furniture, but in general:

  • Look for the words “all weather” or “weatherproof” and avoid any mention of “weather resistant”. Why? Because the first two mean that the product has withstand the effects of the weather. The third only states that it might survive. Read more about our all weather garden furniture here.
  • For rattan furniture, look for UV stabilised synthetic rattan and an aluminium frame. This means the strands have been treated to avoid UV damage from the sun, and the frame will not rust because it’s aluminium, all contributing to the longevity of the product. Read more about our rattan furniture here.
  • Look for a money back guarantee. All online sellers have to provide you with a 28 day money back guarantee by default, and even then some furniture will have a longer guarantee than that, for example our Winawood range comes with a 2 year guarantee.
  • Look for a real shop front or business behind the website. Many of you will have heard the stories of internet retailers disappearing overnight, and so this is a real worry. If a website is also backed by a real physical store, then they’re much more accountable, and far less likely to vanish.

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