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Our new live chat

You may have noticed that we are now using a little chat window on the bottom right corner of our website. This is to help us answer any questions you may have quickly, and effectively, while you’re on the site, letting you get the information you need even more quickly than phoning up.

To ask a question, simply click within the message box, which will open up a panel for you to interact with a member of staff. This goes directly to the mobile phones of staff members on duty, to help you get instant answers to your questions.

Winawood™ Sets

Winawood SetsOur Winawood™ sets are proving very popular this year, particularly the dining sets, and some colours are running dangerously low! If you’re thinking about buying a set then we would advise you to purchase soon to avoid any disappointment!

Brexit Price Rises

No matter your opinion on our exit from the European Union, the simple facts are that garden furniture is purchased using the American Dollar, and after the referendum the exchange rate became a lot worse off for us! As a result furniture next year will become a lot more expensive (from all retailers), so we advise customers to purchase now to beat the price rises of next years stock!

To browse our garden furniture, visit

As always we would love to see pictures of you enjoying your garden furniture, please share them with us on our Facebook page!

Enjoy the sunshine (let’s hope it lasts!).

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