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Let’s be honest. Cold, wet, icy weather, and wooden furniture, really don’t mix well.

If you’ve left your wooden set outside over winter, covered up, and think “It’ll be fine, it’s got a cover”, then you could be in for a nasty surprise when you uncover it in March.

The moisture that develops under the cover, worms its way inside the joints of your furniture.

Then when the temperature drops, it freezes, expanding, which breaks and warps the framework of your furniture, causing lasting damage.

It can actually make the chair dangerous to sit on, as it could give way at any moment.

You wouldn’t want your friend, loved one, or customer sitting on a seat that looked like it was about to give out, would you?

The solution:

Winawood, a furniture range that looks like wood, but is made from a compressed polystyrene, so it will not warp, rot, or go brittle when left outside.

It comes with a 2 year warranty on any structural deterioration due to the weather. And we’ve stocked it for almost 4 years, and the positive feedback is still coming in!

Click here to learn more about Winawood furniture here.

We here at Garden Centre Shopping UK are specialists in garden furniture, and we’ve seen a noticeable trend over the last few years of customers who no longer enjoy the tasks and maintenance required with wooden furniture.

The all weather properties of Winawood make it the perfect solution to this, as it’s almost a direct replacement, however there are other alternatives.

Rattan Furniture is a fantastic option for those looking for a significant change, wonderfully comfortable woven furniture that’s also weatherproof and durable. With UV stabilised synthetic rattan, and a strong aluminium frame, it’s been built to stand the test of time.

One of our most popular rattan sets is the rocking and reclining patio set, which is available in stone grey, light brown, and light grey.

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